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Looking for the perfect book to introduce the love of reading to your early reader?

Bunbun & Bonbon is just for you! With hilarious, simple text, unforgettable and adorable characters, vibrant illustrations that support comprehension, and approachable story lengths, this debut graphic novel from Jess Keating will grow newly independent readers' confidence and turn them into lifelong book lovers! 


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Books for Young Readers

• explore beautiful, enchanting books that awaken the joy of curiosity •

Facts, Fun, and Fiction!

When animals have problems, they call on Dr. Sugar Glider to help!

Empowering Women in STEM

Read the amazing true story of Marie Tharp, who discovered the ocean's biggest secret.

Parents Magazine "Best Book of the Year"

This is the story of a woman who dared to dive, defy, discover, and inspire. This is the story of Shark Lady.

Books for Adventurers

• explore exciting, adventurous, action-filled books that inspire courage, bravery, and laughter •

Meet Nikki Tesla!

Action and adventure meet feminism and science in this outrageously entertaining page-turner, perfect for middle grade readers of all interests.

Take to the High Seas!

Nikki Tesla's adventure continues in this fast-paced and exciting journey that leads readers all over the world to steal a dangerous artifact.

The Adventure Continues!

Enjoy the high stakes cat-and-mouse chase as Nikki Tesla and the gang travel to England, France, and more to save the world from a dastardly villain!

Books for Animal Lovers

• explore amazing, thought-provoking, and beautiful books to inspire wonder, curiosity, and awe •

Pink is for Everyone!

Think pink is for girls? Think again! Explore the world's perfectly pink animals in this dynamic & hilarious book for readers of all ages.

For the Monster Lover!

Don't judge a monster by its cover! This book explores the world's scariest creatures, and invites readers to examine their own biases as they go.

The Cutest of the Cute!

Want to meet the cutest - and weirdest - animals in the world? Look no further than this beautiful volume, full of surprises and facts.

Gross is as Gross Does!

It's a proven fact: kids LOVE gross! This book is an eye-opening, hilarious, and exciting look at the world's grossest creatures.

What's My Deal?

All of my work aims to inspire readers to be curious, creative, and confident to explore what they love, find their voice, and share their magic with the world.

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Shark Lady

Parents Magazine Best Nonfiction Book of the Year

Forest of Reading Blue Spruce Winner

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Bunbun & Bonbon

Be first on the list to receive Jess Keating's debut graphic novel with Scholastic Graphix! Coming Sept 2020!

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Ocean Speaks

A wonderful introductory biography of a woman changing the world from behind the scenes. 

-School Library Journal Starred Review

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Eat Your Rocks, Croc!

Facts meet fiction meet funny in this hilarious picture book for animal lovers and comic enthusiasts!

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Elements of Genius

“Full STEAM ahead on a series debut equally charged with personal issues and science in (dramatic) action.”

-Kirkus Starred Review

Read an Excerpt About the Series

The World of Weird Animals

“The 2016 Ambassador to Young People’s Science and Nature books is unquestionably the blobfish.”


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My Life is a Zoo

“Following in the tradition of Judy Blume and Paula Danziger, debut author Keating delivers a fun-filled, pitch-perfect book…”

-Kirkus Starred Review

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